Praim’s technology takes one step closer to the environment.


Praim strives to provide a healthier kitchen environment to customers.


Praim develops technology that considers the environment.

Environmental Praim considers the environment as a top priority.

  • Energy Management

    • Minimization of energy loss through the establishment of a smart energy management platform
  • Introduction of high energy efficiency facilities and technologies

    • High energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction through the introduction of automated manufacturing facilities
    • Enhancing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions by applying an energy management platform (remote control system application, etc.)
    • Reduction of power consumption and carbon emission by establishing new renewable energy production facilities (solar energy generation facilities, etc.)
  • Energy Saving Activities

    • Reduction of total energy consumption through development of energy-saving products (development of products with energy and resource saving effects of up to 60% or more, etc.)
    • Enhancing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions by introducing automated production facilities and systems
  • Eco-friendly new business

    • Building a world-class eco-friendly kitchen that can reduce energy and carbon emissions through new comprehensive kitchen design and consulting business.
    • Composition of eco-friendly products through development and new businesses such as eco-friendly chemical for commercial kitchen.

Social It is a PRAIM that is also socially recognized.

  • To prevent accidents, all business sites comply with safety manuals for employee protection.
  • Regular safety and health training is conducted to prevent serious accidents and to realize a safe workplace.
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction by improving the working environment of workers and improving product quality through the introduction of automated production facilities and systems
  • Improving corporate culture through training on various subjects
  • Growth into a global leading company through 100% PRAIM developed technology kitchen appliances
  • Social contributions such as protecting the human environment and securing human health through the production of eco-friendly products such as energy reduction through leading technologies, as well as the provision of cleaner food and clean tableware
  • Contribute to social development through continuous employment increase
  • Contribute to technology transfer to next generation and sustainable development of society by actively increasing youth employment
  • Contribute to various educational support, fostering members of society, increase local employment, and development by linking with local schools or etc.

Governance Ethics, compliance, and transparent management are the principles of PRAIM.

  • Management activities in compliance with laws and ethics
  • Value creation through providing the best products and services to customers
  • Establishment of trust-based partnership through transparent and fair trade
  • Sharing and resolving various pending issues through transparent information sharing and discussion between management and employees
  • Securing audit independence and improving corporate management transparency through external audits