R&D strategy

R&D strategy

Convergence Technology

Focuses on convergence technology development, optimizes various environments to produce products and provides customer’s comfort and affluent emotional satisfaction with top-notch technology.

New Global Standard

Obtain premium product-centered global development leadership, invest long-term and in development for new growth products and focus on complex product development in response to technology product convergence.

For this, we need to steadily employ excellent human resources, to activate global business, strengthen local business support-centered R&D systems in strategic areas such as China, South-East Asia etc.

Also, we’ll drive standardization and strategic alliance with major companies for new products and secure global R&D capability.

Open Innovation R&D

Praim established its own development research center and operates a global R&D system

Via global R&D system, Praim will make use of outside innovative technology, by activating open innovation, obtaining core technology, staying ahead of the curve on future growth and realizing the global Top R&D vision.