Special type washer

Special type washer

Special type washer is classified into box washer, pallet washer, tray washer and other special type washer.

Box washer

Pallet washer

Tray washer

Special type washer

BOX, Pallet, and Tray washers used in various factories, and etc., are composed of products through an optimized design according to the size, type, and use of the object to be washed. And PRAIM accurately identifies the needs of consumers, such as washing capacity / drying rate / automation, etc., and designs and proposes products that meet the customer’s request to realize optimized products.

Special type washer’s Features


Design and product supply optimized for consumer needs


It is possible to configure line automation to reduce labor costs and configure high-efficiency products


The product can be used with a just one touch


Maintenance is easy, so quick AS response and maintenance are possible