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6 levels

Boiler Type (Elec/Gas)PMSCOE-061EN
6 levels
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PMSCOE-061EN (Electronic)


L×W×H(㎜) 879×900×940㎜
Power Supply 3NAC 380V~440V 50/60HZ
Power Consumption 10.4㎾
Safety Devices Overheat preventive safety device
Capacity 6 X 1/1 (GN)
Water Pressure 200 – 500 ㎪ (2-5㎏/㎠)
Water Supply 15A (R 3/4”)
Drain 20A

※ The products are subject to change in design and product specification without prior notice for product quality enhancement.



Oven for 10/6 level’s rack



디스플레이 & UX 디자인
  • World Best screen size implementedViewable From Any Angle

    PRAIM Steam Convection Oven adopts the world’s widest 13.3 inch LCD panel viewable from anywhere within your kitchen.

  • World Best UI implementedEasy To Manipulate By Anyone

    Still reluctant to manipulate oven conditions? PRAIM Steam Convection Oven implements quality UIs. Besides, the world’s widest touchscreen offers you an easy and correct manipulation no matter how thick the gloves you wear are. No more concerns about susceptibility of going wrong. Components of PRAIM Steam Convection Oven are also used in topranked luxury sports cars. Freely use it.

  • World Best waterproof function100% Waterproof! No Need To Worry For Cleaning

    Did you ever feel inconvenience due to concerns over penetration of water into your expensive oven when cleaning it? PRAIM Steam Convection Oven provides perfect waterproofing for its all operating portions, keeping it safe from threat of moisture or humidity. Feel free from cleaning the oven exterior.

  • World Best Comfortable FOVAssuring Clear View No Matter The Viewing Angle

    Do you ever indeed feel awkward having to view directly in front? PRAIM Steam Convection Oven adopts a LCD panel of the industry-highest specification that has a wide angular field-of-view enough to view the screen on the side of the oven. This feature provides a genuinely ultra-wide viewing angle, which is deemed the best in the world.

  • Durable material used in luxury sports cars

    The parts used for top class sports cars being adopted, the product has high durability and enables delicate operation.


놀라운 제품의 우수성
  • World Best Product SizeCompact

    It maximizes performance of convection and heat exchange in the interior of the oven thereby reducing unnecessarily long fan to fan interval. The use of globally certified components improves overall performance by at least 35% than conventional products, in addition to reducing the size by up to 25%. The compact design enables a versatile install in your kitchen area.

  • Locally Unique DesignBuilt In System

    Locally-first built-in design is a tub provided in a separate compartment of the equipment, for storage of hose gun and detergent to keep your kitchen space better organized. The hose gun jointly developed by PRAIM offers reduced consumption of water as its basic benefit, as well as adjustability to various spray pressure and spraying options thereby providing greater choices fit to the use environment.

  • Locally Unique DesignSmart Door

    Doors of PRAIM Steam Convection Oven are softly latched and unlatched without feel of getting stuck to open or close. Their 3-step locking mechanism is adjustable, allowing you to select as you wish considering your use environment.

  • World Best Preheat FunctionFeel free to preheat

    No more subjected to inconvenience forcing you to tackle with some mustdos prior to use of oven. PRAIM Steam Convection Oven makes it possible to preheat without trolley. Just prepare food for cooking free from such inconvenience.

  • World Best Noise LevelSilent

    PRAIM Steam Convection Oven is quiet, sounding like a low whisper (the world’s quietest level), which presents the calm before your boisterous kitchen.

  • World Best Handle DevelopedTwo Way Handle

    A specially developed handle of PRAIM Steam Convection Oven enables you to softly open and close no matter when and the circumstances that you may be going through its powerful adhesion with soft feel that you cannot encounter elsewhere provides effortless convenience allowing you concentrated more on your cooking. In the busy kitchen, softly push the door toward the oven, then you can feel how well it is closed gently and quietly.


사용자 중심 UI 설계
  • World Best UX designThree Touches are Sufficient to Get Started

    The touchscreen with the industry-finest UI application allows you to get started for your cooking by just tapping three icons in succession.

  • Automatic Control For All Sequencing Processes

    No longer cumbersome to have to check the cooking condition infrequently! The system performs real-time check and sequential control depending on cooking conditions to present quality gourmet results.

  • Automatic Programs

    Now forget stereotyped functioning you have done by far to conjure your dishes. PRAIM’s is distinctly differentiated automatic programs that execute up to seven stepwise processes are tailored to dishes to be cooked, helping everyone to cook even haute cuisine dishes.

  • Multiple Dishes at Once

    Allowed to cook multiple dishes at once! In the case of a multiple of different dishes, the system perfectly finishes the cooking process specific to individual dishes. PRAIM’s multiple-dishes-atonce feature gives you leeway amidst busyness in your kitchen.

  • Roasting Color Scale

    Do you want roasting to be of darker color? Then, just tap the button Coloring and enjoy the roasting color you wish.

  • My Own Recipe

    Do you have a hard-on for the recipe you have just applied for? If you’d like to use it continuously, navigate to My Own Recipe button to save the recipe you wish to register then, you can import it anytime with convenience.

  • Bookmarks Menu

    With a bookmark function, you can easily and quickly retrieve bookmarked recipes, regardless of Manual or Automatic, from the Bookmarks Menu.

  • World Best Internal temperature controlling mechanismMechanism That Controls Internal Temperature of Food Item

    Is it possible to cook thick cuts of meat? Yes, if PRAIM Steam Convection Oven is used. Now forget about poor cooking where the surface of the meat was burnt while its internal part was rare or uncooked. PRAIM’s internal temperature controlling mechanism comprising a plurality of points achieves even roasting between the top part and the internal part.

  • Error Check

    Do you encounter a problem during the use of the equipment? First of ally, resort to the screen as PRAIM Steam Convection Oven guides you to causes and troubleshooting with respect to all error types. In addition, all errors generated are automatically stored and managed together with error detail and occurrence time for your easier access.

  • Programming Mode

    PRAIM Steam Convection Oven remembers patterns of recipes the user prefers, enabling you to easily manage your recipes in order from the smallest to the highest frequencies.

  • HACCP Data

    PRAIM Steam Convection Oven serves as a tool for managers. You can relieve from handwritten data management as the system stores in real time all the process data and use history file data. It also allows you to easily import those data to your USB. PRAIM is your right choice if user convenience is prioritized.

  • Easy To Update

    PRAIM provides updates regularly when a new version is released, including critical patch programs and a variety of recipe recommendations. Download from the manufacturer’s website and just plug USB to the equipment port. Then, updates automatically proceed. With this, you can keep PRAIM Steam Convection Oven to be the latest one.

  • Help Function

    The system provides pop-up Help describing how to use with examples for your easy and efficient use of various functions. This default function affords even a rookie to use the oven easily.


다양한 부가 기능
  • Profound steam control (a combination of injection and boiler)

    PRAIM goes further beyond minute control technology profoundness in its technology achieves more precision for steam control by incorporating injection and boiler hybrid design. In addition, off-delay contacts mechanism for steam generation offers more affluent and more profound steam supply control. Why not experiencing profoundness available uniquely in PRAIM’s control technology?

  • Quick preheating

    No longer cumbersome to preheat in advance! Tapping on just a few minutes before starting your recipe is OK to reach intended temperature.

  • Bidirectional fan wheel controllable to various speeds

    PRAIM Steam Convection Oven allows you to freely control the speed among five steps, which once selected responds to the input immediately to lead to better gourmet result. Moreover, fan design that creates circulating hot air affluently promises high rate of heat exchange and uniformity in temperatures.

  • Energy saving

    Unique design that achieves higher heat exchange rate and instantaneous activation without time delay offers lesser consumption of energy compared with competitor products enough to notice high energy efficiency when used actually. This is backed up by algorithms optimized to reach temperatures by individual steps thereby maximizing the equipment usability.

  • Automatic cleanliness diagnosis function

    It diagnoses the cleanliness of the oven in real time and provides information by comprehensively monitoring the oven usage environment, cooking environment, cooking environment, and cleaning progress. This makes it easy to keep the oven clean without additional time investment.

  • Convenient cleaning system

    Just pour the detergent into the detergent storage without the hassle of cleaning. The oven automatically dispenses detergent to automatically clean the interior. A total of 5 cleaning programs are provided depending on the condition of the product, and if the user freely selects a program, it is designed to automatically clean everything from the steam generator to the inside of the product.

  • Perfect automatic cleaning with high temperature

    All cleaning programs are centered on steam-generating boilers, fundamentally blocking the possibility of being vulnerable to sanitation. In addition, it provides a soaking and sterilization program using hot water and steam to ensure clean and hygienic cleaning.